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Vienna, Austria 2011

Vienna, Austria 2011

Austria, Europe

After visiting Budapest, our trip continued to the west where we went to Austria and it’s beautiful capital city of Vienna who is one of Europe’s most visited cities.  Vienna is located on amazing Danube river and has the really rich history. I’ve heard that someone calls it a gate between east and west. We chose this city because there we can see a lot of amazing historical sights and at the same time enjoy at a different event and have fun at the same time. Trip to Vienna was just too perfect because Tadija slept whole way so we could really enjoy watching fantastic windmills and breath-taking nature. DSC05142 DSC05145 DSC05147 DSC05176 DSC05132

We rent an apartment in the centre of Vienna so that we could just rest from the road and start our tourist tour immediately after relaxing. I don’t wanna repeat myself but this one more city that everyone should visit and see notable historical landmarks and awesome monuments. Prepare yourself for a big crowd cause you will there see people from whole World. Our trip was slowly coming to an end so we had only couple of days to see everything. Our tourist guide was my sister Ivana who lives in Vienna and who helped us a lot with important informations about what should we visit. So we just packed our stuff in backpacks and brought everything we needed for Tadija and our adventure of getting know this city could begin!

DSC05110 DSC05103 DSC05090

Our first destination was world famous Schönbrunn Palace. My first impression couldn’t be described by the words so I would just say WOW! My wife Marina was thrilled with such a beauty with magnificent architecture with an even more beautiful park with colorful flowers and tree alley perfect for walking and enjoying! And then we entered in the castle where we had an excellent guide who gave us info about the castle. If I remember well, it was built in 16th century by roman Emperor Maximilian II. I know that it has more than 1000 rooms and apartments and that one of them was used by Empress Maria Theresa. I am sure that you will use google for rest of information 😉

It is forbidden to take photos inside the castle so we are deprived for pics of wonderful interior of the castle so we decided to go on a walk through the garden where my lovely wife made lot of photos :)

DSC05021 DSC05043 DSC04995 DSC04958Lunch break was over so we went in shopping and then to relax. We spent evening with my sister Ivana and her husband strolling through Vienna and admiring to it’s amazing restaurants and cuisine.  Last day was reserved for seeing Vienna’s downtown which looks extraordinary. Filled with universities, museums, opera, shopping malls and all that ornamented with lot’s of green and colorful flowers. There is no traffic jam because all drive responsibly. Tourists are everywhere enjoying in charms of Austrian capital which leaves no one indifferent. :)

DSC04951 DSC04932 DSC04921

After making many pictures and having a great time we headed back to Serbia. Still, we needed to visit one more place, huge shopping outlet Parndorf, which is one of our favorite places for shopping. While we coming home, we had a little setback. Our car broke and we lost a there couple of hours but arrived home safe and quick after repair. :)

Vienna is one of Europe’s prettiest towns and places with huge history and many great sights. Be sure to stay tuned for new exciting posts. :)