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Venice, Italy 2014

Venice, Italy 2014

Europe, Italy

Breathtaking Venice :)venice

We always gave our best to let some steam off and travel somewhere just us two, alone only for couple of days. We put map of Europe in front of us and looked where we can go on journey. Our decision was to go with the car and final deal was to go via Slovenia to Venice for one night and then go on for French Riviera or better known as Cote d’Azur. :) We packed up and went! The high-way was pretty empty and the ride went smooth and without any problems. We made often stops and after some time we arrived in Venice!pizza san marco

Famous Piazza San Marco :)

Venice is a city, the pier, and famous tourist place in northeastern region of Italy. It goes out on Adriatic Sea. Venice is unique city on the world, built on 118 small islands on confluence of river Brenta in Venice lagoon with canals instead of the streets. Along the canal you can see many churches and first class palaces, which form unique urban complex that also makes this town amazing. Therefor, Venice and it’s canals are declared as UNESCO World Heritage monument.

We parked our car in nearby garage and settled in to hotel in the center of Venice. We had that night and all next day for walking. We decided, like always, to see as many interesting sights as we can and to use our time on best way. Venice is elegant, precious, unique, fun and romantic. A place were churches, buildings, old bridges, squares and monuments are proof of the artistic and cultural life which is maybe the biggest mark of this history rich town.venice

Little rest in one of best restaurants :)

First we went to the heart of Venice, beautiful square called city. One of the most elegant squares in Europe surrounded by majestic monuments. Like, an impressive bell tower and the cathedral with five marble portals and ornaments from mosaic, the Duke’s Palace- symbol of golden age of Serenisima, Tore dei Mori – Clock tower, an engineering masterpiece that shows correct time through the centuries to Venetians. You can also see from square island of San Giorgio Maggiore and the huge bell tower that rises from the monumental structure of the old Benedictine monastery – a masterpiece of famous architects of that time. After this short sightseeing we went on dinner and then to bed to relax.  Next day, shortly after breakfast we accelerated the pace and went over the Rialto Bridge, to visit their famous quarter, which is filled with a variety of antique shops and museums.venice - gondola

My love and me in romantic gondola ride :)

After a short walk through the quarter we went for inevitable gondola ride. :) We settled in nice golden-black gondola which is also very comfortable. Gondolier started singing romantic love songs. :) It was just wonderful, special experience. We passed through narrow canals under low bridges but it was amazing. The real way to see Venice is on water with gondola. They literally collided between each other with gondolas, but that was not a problem to see buildings, where Venetians live and just to enjoy in this magnificent feeling. It is still incredible for me how people can live and function on water. :)

Venice is just unique and beautiful. Breathtaking place that everyone should visit at least once in life. After lunch and little relaxing we continue our trip to another great destination, Saint-Tropez. :)