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Varna, Bulgaria 2006

Varna, Bulgaria 2006

Bulgaria, Europe

Once again we go back in past, precisely summer 2006. Our destination was Varna, modern and great place on the seaside of Bulgaria. We decide to have company and with few close friends we all enjoyed in charms of Varna and it’s beaches and amazing Black sea. BUGARSKA (5)

Our whole team wanted to try banana boat ride so we rented it and the real adrenaline adventure could begin :)


Our girls just love those big waves :) They must be careful for those bikinis not to fall down 😉


I selected Varna for many reasons, first among those is to visit Bulgarian seaside, but after that long road we had I wasn’t really satisfied with my choice in that moment. :) Also great thing about this place is that the oldest golden jewelry in the world belongs to Varna culture. The place is very interesting  and with its clean sand beaches and great sunny weather presents one of the best places for vacation on the Black sea.


Aqua park is must have item when we select vacation places and one in Varna is great with big water slides who are challenging for me. :) and many other water attractions. The thing that was very interesting and unusual for us at the time were big waves from time to time as the sea can be very restless.

BUGARSKA (23)With Marija and Uros we use to play cards during the day on the beach while others from the crew were trying to get the best possible tan. Days on the beach ended with going in the restaurant who had amazing seafood. Every time I had a different sort of seafood but the shark was something special for me. Funny thing was that couple times they went in the restaurant without me and the waitress always asked them – “Where is that big man who eats the most of you all?” as I said in one of my previous blogs, “slightly” overweight me is from the long time ago. :)


Off course, an important part of this vacation were nights out and great parties. Clubs are amazing and our favorite was one of the best as in Varna also in whole Bulgaria. On our way to the hotel from crazy nights, we stopped by in casino where we tested our luck. :)


After the long day on beach, in the evenings we went to one of the restaurants where he had delicious dinners and relaxed with couple of beers …


While returning from Varna we thought about many new places we need to visit, and in blogs to come, you can read all about our adventures from all over the world. :)