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Paralia, Greece 2008

Paralia, Greece 2008

Europe, Greece

Hello World, hello to all of our friends,

It’s me – Marina again, I am writing for this blog for the second time and I will try to evoke the old memories from Paralia, Greece 2008. Those were the days :) We were young, crazy and always ready for the parties :) And what is the better place for young girls to have fun than Paralia, Greece :)



On this trip, I went with my friends Tanja and Danka. We started our journey from our hometown as we traveled over 10 hours with a bus. During long journey to the Greece, me and the girls planned everything – daily and nightly activities. When we arrived, we booked into the small hotel close to the beach as we were very excited and we couldn’t wait for the moment when we will just lie down on hot sand and start tanning. The first day we woke up around 11 o’clock and we skipped the breakfast and run to the beach. We rented the sun umbrella, ordered some girl cocktails and our summer vacation could begin :) Sea was perfectly blue and clean. Paralia is very popular among younger generations cause it is a little bit cheaper than other destinations in Greece. You probably know that we girls love to take a tanning whole day long so we made little breaks only to drink a cold beer or to jump in the water :)

DSCF4389 DSCF4371 Little posing on the beach :)DSCF4375


When the sun sets for a while, we used that time to play beach volleyball, walking and just to hung out and gossip with each other. :) Paralia is a place with a big number of night clubs where the party goes all night long till the dawn, which was perfect for us. :) To get ready for the night out took us hours of makeup, dressing and we enjoyed in that. After 6 days Vuk joined us with his friend Marko, who is now our godfather. We had a blast, very interesting time spent with our dear friends. We drove paddle boat, played different water sports, in one word, enjoyed. :) Vuk and me are very friendly people by nature so it’s easy for us to make new friendships. :)

DSCF4354 DSCF4313


Me, Vuk and our friends just posing with our old friend Michalis (he is a best man of Vuk’s father) during the daily shopping. He has the best grocery store in the whole town :)DSCF4431

DSCF4534We had a great fun with trying aqua glide all together :)

I must add Vuk is the well known man in Paralia because he spent the big time of his childhood here. We had a special treatment in all night clubs. :) Lot’s of time happened that we come home in early hours so instead of going to bed we went straight for a beach and early swim and tan. :)



My girls and me ready for a great night out :)

This trip is very special for me because it was my last vacation with friends. After that, all of us got kids and trips now have a different sense. More parents activities less nights out, but still perfect time. It’s really nice to go back in past, watch these photos and know that I had a great time with the people I love the most, while we were young and crazy. :) of course in a positive way 😀

Till the next post :)