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Paralia, Greece 2006

Paralia, Greece 2006

Europe, Greece

Hello my friends, it’s me again :) This time, I am writing about my favorite place for the summer holiday – Paralia, Greece because whole my childhood I spent there with my family. My father has his best man – Michalis  who lives there a has a famous shop in the town and he is one of the reasons why I fell in love with Paralia. Me and Marina take our kids every summer to this wonderful place cause this is our second home.

Let’s get back into the 2006 and to try remembering details about that journey. My cousin from Paris, Marijan came with us on this journey to see what is that why we love this place and to see my favorite childhood place. :)

Paralia is a small tourist place on the seaside eastern part of Pieria regional unit in Greece. With it’s small population but nice beaches and beautiful sea, for me is one of the best places to have your vacation during the summer. As I said already, I spent in Paralia the majority of my summer vacations and I will always have some kind of bond with this great place. I love it’s beautiful sand beaches and crystal clear sea. Also, on it’s promenade there is breathtaking orthodox church that is one of the symbols of Paralia. Many tourists like to pose and take pictures standing in front of it. Biggest and main street is full of shops and markets that have affordable prices. Our favorite shop is at our friend Michalis who always has fresh and really tasty fruit. Our warm recommendation for all of you who plan to visit Paralia. :)

No matter that is the small place in Paralia is always something happening so over the day we enjoyed in many beach parties and at night, we shift into second gear and visited all the great clubs and places. Off course after party night and lot’s of cocktails, we ended our night with famous greek gyros, that is unique and famous all over the world. I can’t describe it’s taste you just need to try it yourself. :)

With our help as experienced guides through Paralia, Marijan enjoyed getting to know all the great sides of Paralia and in a short time he also loved this place and realized why we love Paralia this much.

After some time here I decided to go and visit famous Thessaloniki aqua park. I was afraid to go on biggest water slide but Marina and my friend finally made me and I enjoyed in the adrenaline rush and survived. 😀 That was the really great day for all of us. Last two days of our Greece vacation we spend enjoying in great beaches and luxury hotels in Halkidi but all the great stories about that you can read in our blogs that are yet to come. Be sure to check it out.  :)