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Panama part 2, 2014

Panama part 2, 2014

Panama State, South America

Just to let you know about few more things from our trip to Panama. After incredible time spent in Ecuador, while we were landing in Panama we all had a feeling like we were coming home. It was odd but still good feeling. :)


Relax time :)DSC08915

We got back to our usual activities, went to buy some groceries and then in park to play with our boys and basically have some fun. :)

DSC09169 DSC09211Preparations for carnival night, kids loved the idea to be like some superhero :)

IMG_5070Drawing time :)

Local fruit vendor told us that their big holiday is close and that is held on Balboa. Also he said that it is like Carnival in Rio. Preparations lasted for days, streets in the city were closed and the show was ready to begin. :) Tables with food and drinks were all around us, the music, noise of crowded people, all of that had some wonderful glamour. We stayed near the street waiting for carnival line to pass. :)

DSC09155It set off, team trucks with dancers dressed in awesome costumes. They were all singing and dancing. Between the vehicles are dance groups with beat drums. Everything and everyone are enjoying in every moment. :)DSC09158DSC09180

Carnival was really similar to the famous one from Rio, we were stunned and even the kids were speechless trying to see everything. :)

IMG_5269Boys love to watch cartoons :)


Next weekend we decided to go one more time to the island for some swim, tanning and to relax and have a great time. :)

IMG_5278We had a huge laugh watching these two rascals having fun in the water :)IMG_5055

But stay tuned, because our next destination is CUBA. We couldn’t wait for that trip. :)