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Neos Marmaras, Greece 2011

Neos Marmaras, Greece 2011

Europe, Greece

Maybe the happiest day in our life was the day when Tadija is born. From the first moment, he was something special for us. We never believed that such a small creature can bring us so much happiness and joy. Besides he is unreally cute he is also a very good kid. He traveled almost half a world with us. We enjoy in every second spent with him and can’t get enough of his sweetness. :) He was only 7 months old when we went on our first summer vacation. Our choice was Greece, but this time, new place, beautiful Neos Marmaras. Marina’s mom and her sister Jelena also come along with us in the company of our faithful dog Megy. :) Tadija and Jelena still have that special emotional bond that is great. The trip went very well and our apartment was right next to the beach with an amazing look on the sea and great yard with interesting things for kids.

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DSC03150Tadija’s first contact with the sea was really exciting and he enjoyed it. He loved to be in the sea in his rubber vest or little boat and in breaks played in the sand with his favorite toys. He looked so happy and cute :) Our time was filled with laugh and happiness as we gave the lead role to Tadija :) We went to all the fun places and saw some shows for kids. Grandma and his ant gived their best to make every moment interesting for Tadija. They all played with shells, made castle in sand and also he enjoyed in playing with Megy. :) Our kids are huge animal lovers and we are proud for that. Because this vacation was so amazing we decided to stay for 10 more days. My brother Milan and Marina’s brother Marko joined us after we switched our location. Also, not to forgot, Neos Marmaras is an ideal place for youngsters, with a large number of coffee shops, clubs, great beaches and night life overall. :)









DSC04065DSC03423Tadija is the first child in our family so he is our pet :) His uncles adore him and they were thrilled to see and play with him as they didn’t see him 10 days. Work is important in my life, so the first half of the day I used to do my job and finish things in that area and after that, I join others on the beach. Us men enjoyed in sand, playing beach volleyball, football and off course enjoying in some bear. Because grandma was with us, Tadija stayed with her at night and that allowed us to go in the town. We visited local bars and enjoyed in music and drink some cocktails. :)




Our days were just amazing so whole vacation end very fast. :) Tadija, as I said before, enjoyed in water so Marina made great pictures and some of them you can see here. Kid just loves water and sun :)

DSC03588 DSC04133

It was time to go home and believe me I don’t know how we packed all things. Marina loves to travel with many bags and now with Tadija on board that number was doubled. :) We headed back home, but this is vacation I will cherish forever because family was together and on top our son Tadija :)