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Monte Carlo, Monaco 2014

Monte Carlo, Monaco 2014

Europe, Monaco

Monte Carlo, capital of glamour and luxury, mecca for famous :)monte karloThrough the winding streets we arrived in Monte Carlo and there you can feel luxury at every step. Here we spent two incredible days. Monte Carlo is the capital and only city of Principality of Monaco. Monte Carlo is also known as a gambler’s paradise, but also as a tourist mecca, because of it’s Mediterranean climate, luxury hotels and famous people. It is also known as a tax oasis and it home for many newly rich people. Monte Carlo is located on the shores of Mediterranean Sea near the border with Italy and almost whole city is a part of rock. It is filled with beautiful greenery and flowers. Monaco is the second smallest state in the world, just after Vatican. :)monte karloWe went for a walk to see gorgeous Monte Carlo. Receptionist girl booked us a table in amazing restaurant with breathtaking view. Just as we started to eat, suddenly we enjoyed in huge fireworks. It was beautiful, colorful and it looked like it’s coming out of sea. :) I remember that last quit long and we enjoyed in that wonderful moment. After dinner we were so tired and decided to go to bed and rest for next day. :)monte karlo

Another selfie before our amazing dinner :)

Next day we went for a walk by the sea and there we looked at all those incredible yachts. Huge villas and amazing houses were all over the place. Of course we went to visit the most famous casino in Monte Carlo. As I said Monaco lives from the casino. :)monte karlo

Monte Carlo casino, a really classy place :)

Casino in Monaco by luxury is the most prestige one in the world and it is also top tourist attraction. Filled with roulette tables and slot machines Monte Carlo is like one big shiny casino in which everyone dreams about fortune that falls from the sky. :) Interesting thing is that gambling in not allowed to citizens of Monaco.monte karlo

We of course had to try our luck :)

We walked around the casino and had a few cocktails. To be honest, we liked more casinos in Las Vegas then here. We visited all the exclusive boutiques around the casino. All smelled on luxury and power. :) Monte Carlo has that true spirit of exclusivity and glamour.monte karlo

In one word, incredible Monte Carlo :)

Still never the less, we couldn’t wait to get home to our boys. :) The drive to home went smooth, but we decided to spend a night in Slovenia as a break. For sure, we would recommend this or similar tour to everyone and to be sure to go with car. This was just 7 unforgettable and amazing days. :)