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Cuba 2014

Cuba 2014


Finally, long lasted destination, Cuba!!! :)

Cuba Beach

Beach and that crystal soft sand is just something else on Cuba :)

Cuba - Caribbean sea

Flight from Panama lasted about two and a half hours and we landed in the capital of Cuba, Havana. We were greeted by a huge crowd at the airport. We waited for our luggage literally 2 hours. After a few hours we finally left the airport, got in the taxi and went in Varadero!Havana CubaCuba

Havana looks like a black and white postcard, all the buildings are grey, old, merged with the streets. People living there look really poor. Soon we came out on the road that leads to the sea. After that you are right there, beautiful and probably the best sea in the world, Caribbean. :)Cuba - Caribbean sea Cuba - Caribbean sea

My life in one picture :)

Cuba BeachThe road to Varadero went smooth, during the ride, driver told us about Cubans, their jobs, life standard. We were very surprised with the fact that the most of them has a good education and that they are speaking English good.Family

Little break with their favorite cartoons :)


We arrived in Varadero and we were thrilled by old cars. I am a huge fan of old cars and classics. Clean, fresh little place with lots of restaurants, bars, beautiful sandy beaches and that blue crystal clear sea. :)Cuba - Caribbean sea

We all love sea and Caribbean is the best :)

Cuba - Caribbean sea

Hotel was located on the beach, had a a lot of pools and restaurants. Biggest impression on us left the sea and that sandy beach. First time we went out, the color of the sea and really small like powder sand left us without breath. :) It was really one of kind and amazing sight, something that is seen, perhaps once in your lifetime. :)

Cuba Beach

Playing and making towers in sand was inevitable :)


Every day, we enjoyed in sea, boys had made many different sand towers while we enjoyed looking them play. During the day we drove pedals on sea and in evening we went in pool. Every night in the amphitheater was a party for kids. We never missed it during our time in Cuba. Kids couldn’t wait for party time to come, they sing on stage and participate in contests and dances. I remember that one night the kids were singing and Tadija took a mic sang a song learned from his grandfather Nino and it contained a couple embarrassing word. Lucky no one knew what they mean. :) People asked us in this like our national song and we just said that it is. 😀Cuba - Caribbean seaCuba

One of our many drives on pedal :)


Later we went for a walk or drive in old car which also served like taxi. Boys were eating ice cream while we drink a couple of drinks. :) People play salsa everywhere, drink cocktails and it is just one amazing and happy atmosphere. From this very busy and fulfilled day we couldn’t wait to lay down.viber-imaasdsge

The days were passing by quickly and this vacation has almost reach it’s end. In our return we wanted to stop by Havana and have a little tour around it.
Havana CubaHavana Cuba

Havana is the capital of Cuba and has 2,2 million people in it. By that fact, Havana is the 4th largest city in the Caribbean’s. In the old part of the city, which is under the protection of UNESCO, are preserved buildings from the Spanish colonial period. Today, Havana is the industrial center of the Cuba and also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Latin America. :)

Havana Cuba

Cars in Havana are so amazing :)Cuba

Of course I must mention Fidel Castro. Adored by it’s people, Fidel is Cuban revolutionist, former general Secretary of the Communist party of Cuba and ex President and Prime Minister. We heard many interesting things about him during our time in Cuba. First, we visited the cigar factory. Making a cigar is a tradition and a highly respected job that is transmitted from generation to generation. Cigars are rolled in wet leaves of tobacco and then rolled in the decorative and widest leaves of same plant. Most famous one is highly appreciated Cohiba. :)Havana Cuba

Beautiful old buildings in Havana :)

We visited a few other attractions, made many pictures and then headed to the airport. We can say for sure that the Cuba is a destination you should definitely see and visit. It has exceptional spirit and beauty and there is no place like that one. CubaCuba

My boys on this paradise island :)