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Krabi, Thailand 2008

Krabi, Thailand 2008

Asia, Thailand

This is our last post from Thailand 2008 where we visited the town of Krabi. Amazing journey spent with our best man Ivan and his wife Nevena who are very dear to us and we love them a lot  <3 Here is a big kiss for them : * ** We have arrived at Krabi in a rented vehicle within a couple of hours, settled in a beautiful villa with a private pool (where we spent lot if time) . For us, Krabi town represents a destination from our dreams, city of love, people that are always with a smile on their faces, unbelievable nature, beaches and mountains that look just like from post cards of from movies. I think that photos will better describe nature than words.

The Town of Krabi also has a long sandy beach with crystal clear see that we loved to visit, on whom there are a lot of small islands that leave everyone amazed and wonder if such a beauty is possible on our planet. We enjoyed every second and minute spent here, especially the view we had of this captivating sight of beautiful nature. And for all those lovers of Leonardo Di Caprio, there is an island called Pi Pi where he filmed a  movie called “Beach”. I am not his big fan but Marina is, so I had to take her there…  😉

We spent the time in the restaurants by the sea enjoying their national cuisine as you can see from our bellies, we enjoyed very much in their food. Ok, maybe too much hahahah 😀


Even though we were on our vacation, there is no stopping for me and my best man Ivan. Work, work and just work 😉

DSCF0039 IMG_3956DSCF0050

In the afternoon, we took a long walk with our little cute doggy Megy on the beach. There is one thing that caught our attention was a sign that had “DANGER TSUNAMI” written on it. Tsunami took 1000 human lives on these beaches in the 2004 :( . I sincerely hope that this catastrophe will not happen again.




One day, we took a tour of the islands, which includes a visit to so-called Chicken Island, then we went to the islands which were connected with sandbanks, where we dived and looked into beautiful fishes. This is also something you must try! At the end of this tour, we visited James Bond Islands. We have more photos but I don’t want to be boring with them :)IMG_3187 IMG_3189 IMG_3196

This is such a small place, yet it has a lot of tourist attractions that everyone needs to see and visit because it offers great relaxation and fun. One more thing that is good here is that they have a lot of tours so everyone would have a blast. This can be called the perfect holiday :)

Bye bye Thailand, see you soon 😉