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Kopaonik, Serbia 2014

Kopaonik, Serbia 2014

Europe, Serbia


Another wintering and this time we again decided to go on Kopaonik. As you could read in one of the previous blogs, Kopaonik mountain is ideal place for skiing and fun. Our boys are still small, so that time I was the only one driving board, while boys and Marina were sledding and snowball fighting. :)img_3404

Kopaonik is also known as the roof of Serbia and it is the highest and largestmountain range in the country. This is the number one tourist destination for winter days and most visited mountain. People go there in winter mostly but also in summer as people enjoy in the fresh mountain air. Tip of the Kopaonik mountain is called Pancicev Vrh (Pancic Peak) and is on 2017 meters.


On Kopaonik, depending on the season, guests and tourist have many activities available. In winter, snowboarding, paragliding for adrenaline junkies :), hiking on Pancic Peak,  Spike top, goats wall and Marko fall for those who are not in good shape. Also there are many paths for people who like to walk and many of those paths are where you can go alone or you can use help of professional guide. Great news for big number of tourist is that Kopaonik also offers great ways for mountain biking. Place with many options as for older people but also for younger generations. :)


Boys were thrilled with snow and sledding. They were adorable in their ski suits and they were already big enough to climb and descend on their own while gliding. :) Those days were a lot of fun and full of laughter. We made a snowman, had a snowball fights, sled. :)



We always practice to go somewhere on winter and boys really enjoy in that kind of trips and so are we. :) I hope that in years that are yet to come, they will learn to ski or drive board and then all of us can go on track together. :) Until that comes we will enjoy in snowballing and sledding. :)