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Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand 2008

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand 2008

Asia, Thailand

Thailand islands were next in our plan. A friend gave us that advice, because by his words and others that are like the island from heaven. Also, one of the reasons was to get away from crowded Bangkok and to meet the real Thailand. :) We rented a car and drove over 1000 km to get to this island. The trip was very exhausting but also interesting. We saw the beautiful nature, how people live outside of Bangkok, monkeys going up for coconuts and elephants walking on the street  :) , kids walking barefoot and with smiles watch the tourists. After that huge ride, we finally enter the ferry who took us to paradise called Ko Pha Ngan. :)

IMG_1692 IMG_1713IMG_3029

This island is really beautiful, famous for amazing beaches, pleasant weather and temperatures and off course interesting music and people. :)  Best way to know the island is to see it by water. :) We rent a ski boat and started to meet all the beautiful sights and places this heavenly island has to offer us. At first, we stayed in bungalows on water and that is one feeling I just can’t describe with words. You need to live that. :) Our pet dog called Meggy was our company during this trip and we could notice how Thai people love animals and take care of them. Almost every place has several pets and we felt good about that fact. :) Owners of restaurants are people who also work, cook, taking care of their guests on the best way and they leave another great impression. They are real masters of seafood and also an important fact is that everything is always fresh and very very tasty. :)


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Next day we continued to scrape through the island and saw the lot of waterfalls which we used to swim and enjoy. :) Also, nature is indescribable, the palms, animal world, flowers who looks like it’s from another planet, just amazing. :) But you need to be careful because it is a common thing to see gecko lizard or snakes and some of them are poisonous. :( Pay attention and be extremely careful!!! Weather conditions are variable and in one minute rains and the next sun shines and this is something you can’t see everywhere, it’s really cool thing. :) People fishing and incredible sunsets are something extraordinary and on some way surreal, very romantic and thing who made this place unforgettable, at least for Marina and me. :)

DSCF0184 DSCF0198 DSCF0196 DSCF0191 IMG_3273 IMG_3267 IMG_3145 IMG_3123

This magnificent island also has a lot of beautiful beaches and our favorite is the Malibu beach. We spent a lot of time on this beach just having a good time, swimming, tanning and stuff like that. After the beach day, we went to their famous mini zoo‘s where we played, pet and fed the sweet little animals. That’s the first time we had such a close contact with a koala, little and cute monkeys and elephants. I think that there is one photo where Marina is feeding a huge elephant :) I skipped that hahha



After some time spent on the island, our friends came too, of course, we made them come :) Nobody should miss this beauty. We were very excited to show them the natural attractions of this island as we were feeling already like we were born here :) To be honest, I would love to live here, not sure about Marina :) Also, the local citizens were incredibly kind, always with a smile on their face and sociable.

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We spent two unforgettable months enjoying every moment, by celebrating birthdays, hanging out with friends, went to yoga and we even did our favorite tattoos :)

Oh yes, and one more thing, a world known party called a Full Moon Party is taking place on Koh Phangan. This party is very unique and everyone needs to experience it!

If you want to know more about this party, be sure to check out or next post where we shall write more about it! Hope you will enjoy reading it :)