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Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012

Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

You probably noticed that we are big fans of summer and everything that goes with hot days but at the same time we are true lovers of cold mountains, big snow and winter adventures. Now, when we have little kids we are trying to spend even more time on mountains and snow. Children really love to play in the snow and make a Snowman or just riding the sleigh. When we were younger, me and Marina loved to play a snowball fight but today we are more playing these childish games. I will remember this journey because we were 2 days literally snowed cause snow was falling a couple of days without stopping. And there was something more important to remember – during this holiday we found out that we were expecting second baby :) Words can not describe the happiness at the moment :)  Being a parent – is something best that can happen to anyone… :)

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For those who want to know something about Jahorina, here are some facts. It is located in Sarajevo area, Bosnia and Herzegovina capital and it is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. You can be a professional or amateur but here you can find different slope levels. I also tried night skiing and it was amazing :) Jahorina is one of the most popular ski resort on Balkans as they have a lot to offer and it is not so expensive. Also is for families and youngsters, all day and night fun for everyone. :)

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c7ac8190389c195ec664e356631ee5fbdecee8eec6564ac5936a0fe769f92ff7_fullAs I love an adrenaline rush, snowboarding is one of my favorite sports and I hope Tadija will try it also. From his look on this picture I bet he will :)
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We also visited Sarajevo enjoyed in their famous well-known cousin who is much like from my country but still has something special that is just amazing. We walked through famous Sarajevo street called Bascarsija. Bosnian capital is incredible, very nice town with the smell of old and with mixtures of new and modern. For sure you have the strong recommendation to visit Jahorina and Sarajevo because you will love time spent there like we were. Tadija enjoyed all the time so naturally we planned to visit it again but this time within bigger number with our newest family member :)

We had a great time, took a lot of pictures and enjoyed every second in these winter charms Jahorina has to offer. Stay tuned for many new blogs waiting to be posted :)