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Full Moon Party, Thailand 2008

Full Moon Party, Thailand 2008

Asia, Thailand

Hi, it’s me again and I am gonna share my impressions from one the best-known parties in the world 😉 This party is unique thing to do on Koh Phangan island and you visit it! It’s called a Full Moon Party and it happens every month on the night of the full moon and for sure, you must read or heard about legendary parties. In that night, thousands of your travelers come to the beach Haad Rin to dance and drink whole night long. :) After taking couple of shots at home, we are ready for a legendary party and all it’s delights.




We easily organized our trip to the party with some taxi driver who charged us with a couple of $ and after 10 minutes of driving, we were on the beach :) When you come to the beach, you will see bars lined up and hear the loud music. As it usually goes, you can enjoy in the beats of techno music, RnB, house music, hip-hop and, of course, the trance music :) All the conditions for amazing party are there so you just need to relax, drink and dance :)  Did I mention that there is over 20k people attending this party? :)


I have one helpful tip for all those who plan to visit this party: Don’t go barefoot on the sand! It’s much better for you to wear sneakers or flip flops because you don’t wanna cut your feet with discarded beer bottles. And if you interested in good booze you can buy alcohol on the beach as there are vendor stands selling these children plastic buckets with awesome cocktails. I especially loved the colors of the buckets and those straws for we can share and drink from the same bucket :) If my memories are good, this will cost you around 10$. It is unbelievable what you can see on the party, a big number of drunk tourists ( maybe ever drugged ), lying and sleeping on the beach or just pissing in the sea….and from the other hand you will be thrilled when you see the smiles on people faces and their excitement. I have no idea how many cocktail buckets we drank during the night but I still remember the hangover 😉

IMG_4030 IMG_4022 IMG_4017 IMG_4024 IMG_4054However, most beautiful part is the dawn, If you could stay up and dance for the whole night,  you will see the sun literally rising from the sea while the full moon is in the sky. We are leaving tired from the party, carrying with us lot fantastic impressions about the Full Moon Party on this heavenly island. We met a lot of visitors from Europe, Australia and of course from Thailand.

Till next time, bye-bye :)