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Floating Market 2008, Thailand

Floating Market 2008, Thailand

Asia, Thailand

Hello World!!! Here is one more post from beautiful Thailand :) Almost every tourist has to visit the amazing Floating market where domestic people are selling fruits, clothes, souvenirs on small boats. That is very interesting for tourists who are the first time here and you will be able to see their long sticks which are used for luring people … It was very interesting to see that Thai people are preparing food on their boats for example Baked bananas, serve delicious coconut and sell other fruit and vegetables. That was one very interesting boat ride… :)

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After the ride, we went in monkey village and there we enjoyed in an extremely funny show with monkeys in the lead role. :) That was the first ever we had touch with those silly monkeys although they are common in Thailand. Those monkeys are very useful for native people as they go up on high trees of palm and get them coconuts. It was the day spent with monkeys and we enjoyed every second of it feeding and playing with them. :)


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Monkey day :) was awesome and while enjoying in Thai food we decide to go on some parties and see how really good this Bangkok nightlife is. Be sure that is unique, fun and leaves you stunned, also leaves huge hangover when you wake up in the morning or mid-day. :) Of course one of the reasons are world famous lady-boys. Thai term for ladyboys is kathoey or katoey. They are very common in Thailand and you just get used to see a huge number of trannies and just go with that. :) Parties are just mint , so we knew from the start that this will be one exciting trip with many memories and lot’s of pictures. :)