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Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2008

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2008

Asia, United Arab Emirates

Our next stop is a jewel of the east, great Dubai. It was a very interesting journey in the heart of Middle East, in the center of fortune and power of Arabic world. Dubai is one of seven emirates and all of them make the powerful United Arab Emirates. UAE is “young”, established in 1971 and it’s located in the southeast of Arabian Peninsula and on the coast of the very exciting Persian gulf. Capital is world famous metropolis Abu Dhabi. Dubai is the most populous city in UAE and as such has become the global city and business hub of the Middle East.

a Famous Burj Al Arb :)DSCF3092 DSCF3147Incredible building in middle of desert :)

Dubai Is set in the center of the desert and everyone’s first impressions, like ours, is incredible heat and really dry air. They compensate that with objects that have air condition on highest possible level – shops, malls, hotels, cafes and all the rest… Our advice to you is to come here in winter. But for us, this was no problem to enjoy everything this city and desert have to offer us. :) Huge number of malls and shopping centers with lot’s of choices on every step is like a paradise for Marina. :) ok, I’ll admit, I also liked that 😉 My choice for you would be Mall of Emirates which is also one of the biggest. In it is believe it or not even closed ski resort called Ski Dubai, I was speechless on that. :) Amazing and very interesting attraction with five ski runs, lot’s of attractive stuff for everyone no matter on age. We used time in here for sledding and making great photos. We’ll have to admit, we freeze in there. :)

DSCF3283 DSCF3267 DSCF3153

DSCF3168 DSCF3177 Snow in desert, only in Dubai :)
DSCF3178 DSCF3181 DSCF3206

After walking through this incredible mall and visiting some exclusive and amazing shops, we went to our hotel to freshen up and get ready for visiting the grandiose Burj Al Arab. :) Car was waiting and took us right in front of the big hall where some very polite staff waited to show us this charms of the hotel. We decided to end this amazing day and evening with romantic dinner. :) Lot’s of exotic and unusual food with great red wine was just perfect.

Next day in early dawn we went for Dubai safari. Crazy ride over sand dunes raised adrenaline and thrill in our bodies and we enjoyed in this amazing feeling. :) There were often breaks which we use to snowboard on the sand and ride camels. We also talk with native locals and, of course, Marina made a lot of photos :) to memorize this extraordinary experience.

After a ride over dunes, we went in desert camp to relax and enjoy the breathtaking sunset and incredible colors of the sun while setting beyond the horizon. Also, there was warm welcome with coffee, tea, traces and the buffet of a grill. All of that with the unavoidable belly dancer. :)

DSCF3146Tallest man-made structure, huge Burj Khalifa :)

Full of impressions we just couldn’t wait for next day. Atlantis hotel was our next stop. Sea world in there is just amazing and you can see everything, off course aqua park in which we tried all water slides and many other things. For me, the biggest thing was slide who goes through the aquarium tank with sharks. Just INCREDIBLE :)

Cruising was the next on our agenda. Maybe the best way to experience Dubai if from a deck of Dhow cruiser. We saw the castle of Dubai, saw incredible modern building and greatness of tallest world structure made by man, Burj Khalifa. All of this to see while enjoying in Arabic meals with my gorgeous wife is all I could ask in that moment.  With bags full of stuff and memories we went back home.