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Dominican Republic 2012

Dominican Republic 2012

Dominican Republic

We continued our trip to one the most exotic destination in the Caribbean sea – Dominican republic and it’s islands. In the photos below, you will be able to see that this place is almost like heaven on Earth. We organized this journey with our friends from New York and decided to spend this vacation all together. On google, we found really awesome all inclusive hotel where we had everything we need for an amazing holiday. Our plane landed on international airport called Punta Cana who looked unbelievable!!! The roof of this airport is fully covered with palm fronds and when we entered, we were surprised by the kindness and graciousness of local stuff. They were all dressed in traditional Dominican style and they performed an unusual local dance. After a couple of hours of driving, we finally managed to check into our hotel.DSC06878

DSC06898 DSC06900 DSC06903 amalia_-2 DSC06895The hotel was stationed right on the beach of the Caribbean Sea! :) Our favorite, most beautiful crystal blue color and the sand that reminds me of baby powder are making perfection together! We were excited about our first day on the beach so much, that we went straight there early in the morning! The beach was so beautiful, and you could feel the heat even that early. Crystal clean water and powder sand were making such a nice view. Tadija was amazed! He adores being at the sea, and the water generally, so he really enjoyed this vacation!DSC06911

DSC06908 DSC07073DSC07061

DSC07086 DSC07087

DSC07251 DSC07256 DSC07203Days at the beach were so fun, we were spending our days mostly on the sand, playing volleyball, and also we made a lot of sand castles for Tadija. Getting back to the hotel was also fun and interesting, as we took a part in many hotel events. Parties for children, and many other happenings where we, the grownups, were competing and having fun! We would visit both beach and the swimming pool, and most of the day went by while we were lying down and resting. Marina was in the 5th month of pregnancy, but even that, she went with us swimming and participated in everything that she could. Restaurants were literally everywhere! Food and fruit were delicious. Tadija loved to drink coconut water, which surprised us so much!DSC07232-770x578 DSC07199DSC07327


DSC07126 DSC07135One of the tourist attractions for which we decided to visit, were dolphins. Tadija was fascinated. As a part of the tour is the visit to the Pueblo Taino village, which is a collection of tribes who live in the forest. Here we made a couple of pictures with the native people and we watched their magical dance.DSC07141 DSC07146


dasasdasadasd asIn the evening, they had entertainment for kids, and later for us. National dances, games, a large number of animators, various performances every night fascinated us. I went to the driving buggies through a huge mud, and there I saw not so pretty picture of Punt Kane, an impoverished population who watched us from neglected houses. Here we spent 9 days, and it was really beautiful. Hanging out with our friends, wonderful staff of the hotel and great animators made our holiday perfect.DSC07018-770x578 dasadasdasdsdss DSC07048-770x578 DSC07391-770x578 DSC07094-770x578 DSC07426-770x578 rrrrr vccccAnd finally, our biggest impression from this journey were palm trees, beautiful beaches, and amazing sea. When you gather all those things in one place, you will get a photo like from picture postcard.

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