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Cancun, Mexico 2012

Cancun, Mexico 2012


Hello again,

After some thinking about our next destination, we decided to visit well known Mexican summer resort, famous Cancun. :) I hope that you will enjoy reading my post and watching these amazing photos we made in Mexico.

DSC08065 DSC08096 DSC08123


It’s a famous tourist place, located on Caribbean sea with amazing temperature and sun. In one word, it’s beautiful :) Flight went great and after it, we had one more hour to travel to our hotel. We were in for a treat, amazing hotel, aqua park for kids, swimming pools, restaurants and then incredible beach and sea. In my whole life, I have never seen such a blue crystal sea. Waves splashed the beach and that made amazing sound and also spread the sense of the sea :)





This was real paradise, heaven on Earth. Tadija was also thrilled, he enjoyed in weather and especially in water. He played in the aqua park, jumped in the water and he loved every second of it, our biggest problem was to get him out of the water. :) Also he played with sand, making all sort of sand towers, but his favorite was to dig holes and go through them or hide in there from us. Tadija had a smile on his face all the time. :) With our second baby on the way, Marina held it great and her pregnancy was just as it should be, so we all enjoyed in this perfect summer. :) DSC08118

DSC08198 DSC08209 DSC08242

Tadija also favored candies like every child and we all enjoyed in their domestic cuisine. Fruit tastes like from heaven, salads are amazing. Everything we tried was adorable and Tadija tried almost all candies and ice creams. :)

DSC08330 DSC08346


Like in every country and on every trip, our goal is to see as many as we can and meet the history of that place, culture and to see how people live. Now we travel with kids so we can’t see as many things like when there was only Marina and me, because tours are long and a bit exhausting for them.

DSC08446 DSC08449

From our hotel to Chichen Itza we needed 5 hours. We went early in the morning and arrived at noon. The guide was giving his best to get to know us with all the thing that were interesting for us. I remember it was really hot, you couldn’t stay for more than 5 minutes on the sun. :) Tadija had a little hat and couldn’t be still for a minute. :) Guide told all us almost every important thing from Mayan history and we absorb his every word. Chichen Itza is big archeologically place in Yucatan from the era of Maya. It’s sorted as one of seven world wonders and got the name by Mayan tribe Itza.

DSC08460 DSC08468


Listening about a life of Maya we realized that we are standing on really incredible and important place in human history. Stories were very interesting and guide told us everything about great steps of the pyramid, Maya called that place Kukulkan temple and you can see Feathered Serpent on the bottom of northern steps. Thanks to archeologists, the tunnel was found and from which you can enter inside of the pyramid. It was a common thing at that time, to build new and bigger temples on top of old ones. The inner pyramid is built upon lunar calendar and external upon sun calendar.


After that, we visited observatory which is recently named El Caracol or snake. It was set to observe moon declinations and astronomical events. They used shadows in inner rooms to see when there will be solstice. Around the edges of observatory, you can see large jars with water. They also looked a reflection of stars on water. Really amazing things, we were speechless and amazed. :)


They were brilliant people, very clever and wise. There we saw 3 natural sources of water in which they throw objects as a way of sacrifice for those sources and in summer droughts, we heard that they also throw human sacrifices.


We head on to playground with the ball and there they found 7 same playgrounds. In the way of acoustic, they were solved in an amazing way. From that, we saw that they played sport and they put the ball through the big hoop. Most interesting part of this story was when we found out that the winner of the tournament was sacrificed!

For the end, we went to see Warriors temple. It’s built like a copy of temple located in Toltec center Tula, the only difference was that Maya built even bigger temple then original. Huge stone construction on stepped pyramid. Inside pillars are made to look like warriors and at the top of the stairs you can see a different kind of pillars. Near those warriors is big square surrounded by columns.

DSC08527 DSC08530

After we had a break for a lunch and tasting their national cuisine we went back in our hotel. This experience is amazing and for whole life to remember. We are very proud to meet the culture and way of life of this one of a kind civilization.DSC08547 DSC08549 DSC08541 DSC08553

We are slowly getting ready for our next journey and new adventures.