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California, USA 2012

California, USA 2012

California, USA

Our journey continued on the west coast of the America where we visited California. That was quite a change for us because we went from cold New York to sunny California, the country where it’s always spring and summer. Our first impression was that America is very clean and nicely arranged country. We have rented an amazing house on Hermosa Beach, suburbs of LA. This is really wonderful place near the Pacific ocean and it is very peaceful and family resort filled with lot of verdancy




We spent the month there, we organized our life like we were at home! We found a great supermarket that suits best for us, rented a car and for Tadija, we managed to find a lot of toys. At that age, he was very much interested into basketball so a basket was something that we must had. I remember that he was bathing with it once :)

DSC06387 DSC06392


Most of our days, we spent playing on the beach with Tadija and just enjoying the sun. We didn’t swim too much because the water was very cold, and I must say that we aren’t big fans of the Pacific ocean. Somehow it looks very dark and dangerous. In our neighborhood, we had a beautiful park where Tadija spent a lot of the time playing with his new friends. In the evenings, we would go to one of many malls where we would shop and visit children playgrounds.DSC06409 DSC06420




We used free days for longer tours. One of the most interesting was the tour of Beverly Hills, Malibu and Hollywood! It was beautiful. We went to the highest point by car where Malibu offers an amazing view on the Malibu beach! Literally, like we were in the clouds. Beautiful villas and winding road made our experience so special! Then we went down to take a walk along the boulevard of Fame, took some pictures and read names of famous stars! It was time for a break, so we had lunch in a restaurant on the Walk of fame, but we did not enjoy the moment because Tadija was pretty restless! It’s already started getting dark so we headed to Beverly Hills driving next to the beautiful villas and residences, taking pictures beside the famous Beverly Hills board and continued our way to the house!DSC07507

DSC06462 DSC06459 DSC06455 DSC06486

Santa Monica is awesome place we liked very much. We loved to go there for evening meal and stroll with Tadija. That is really beautiful part of California with an amazing promenade which was also Tadija’s favorite and he would rush all over the place. :)

DSC07529 DSC07544

Visit to Disneyland was something inevitable. Like every child Tadija was so exciting and happy and so are we. :) of course we tried all the attractions, but Tadija loved a ride in old train and in the submarine while enjoying in that incredibly improvised sea world. After that, we all watch the cartoon, Nemo! He loved pretzels in the shape of Mickey Mouse and park that had the pirate ship. :) He was so happy and there is nothing greater for a parent then to see his kid enjoying like that – it’s a great feeling. :)

DSC07554 DSC07573

DSC07579 DSC07624 DSC07627 DSC07666 DSC07667

This was an amazing journey through Disneyland, it was our first but in upcoming years, we returned here many times…

DSC07677 DSC07675 DSC07680 DSC07688 DSC07696

Tadija really enjoyed every moment spent in Disneyland :)


Our unforgettable time in this part of USA and Hermosa slowly come to the end.