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Bodrum, Turkey 2007

Bodrum, Turkey 2007

Asia, Turkey

This trip we went together with our dear friends from Romania, Dan and Adina. The actual trip came literally out of nowhere. We didn’t plan to go as we just went to Bucharest to visit our friends and they proposed a trip and we just move forward to it. This was our first stay in 5-star hotel with ultra all inclusive offer :) Back then I used to be “slightly” overweight haha so all inclusive came good for me. If I remember correctly and I do, one of those days I have eaten 11 times :) I think I was around 115 kg at that time comparing 88 kg I have now :) Those were the days…ehhh :)

We came there by flying, it was short, maybe 1,5 or 2 hours in total and then drove another 30-45 min by bus. Hotel was indeed amazing, it’s called Baia . Food as I already said was amazing and so were hotel facilities. A lot of swimming pools, daily activities and night ones as well made us having a great time while staying. We visited the local aqua park and beside that, of course, we did some smaller shopping. Spent those 5 days relaxing during day and partying during night :)

Bodrum, on the balmy south-west coast of Turkey, is one of the country’s most popular resorts. It lures a fashionable set – including Cristiano Ronaldo and Catherine Zeta-Jones – who have helped it develop a reputation for sun and celebrity that rivals Marbella and St Tropez.But you don’t have to be part of the jet-set to enjoy its attractions, as Gareth Huw Davies discovered.

Some of our photos ( I am fat on these ones, haha ) :)






Bodrum Turkey