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Ayutthaya, Thailand 2008

Ayutthaya, Thailand 2008

Asia, Thailand

The most satisfying feeling is when you sit down and look through your old pictures from amazing journey after many years, I think this happened 8 yrs ago :) One of our unforgettable trips was in Thailand and this adventure in a most way change our look on the world, people, culture and on a life itself. We spent two and a half month in this beautiful country which we visit often, after our first time here, so we had time to check all the cool places here. And, believe me, there is lot of things that should be seen in Thailand 😉


Our 24h journey finally comes to the end. Arriving at a big and beautiful airport, we had our driver waiting and driving us to a hotel. Traveling to our destination we were thrilled with tall buildings, a smell of the food and some peaceful look in the eyes of the locals. On this adventure, we also bring our dog miniature pinscher called Megi. She was our faithful companion on this journey and she enjoyed as much as we did. Our first task on the arrival is to taste their delicious and uncommon food. Thailand food was a great experience for us, it is a mixture of spicy food with a lot of vegetables and fish and till today that is one of our favorite food that we tried. You can really found various types of food in Thailand and no one will hungry from this country :) Marina was delighted with everything that she tasted.

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When we woke up, a taxi waited for us in front of the hotel and we went to check out the historical place and old kingdom of Ayutthaya which is 70 km from Bangkok. Ayutthaya is historical Capital city Of Thailand Kingdom who once was named after it. This park has enormous importance and he is under UNESCO protection. One of the most interesting things to see here is 50-year-old Buddha head overgrown by a fig tree.
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Walking around Ayutthaya park, we enjoyed a beautiful sight of huge statues of Buddha surrounded with gorgeous nature and a few monks in their peaceful walk around the park while they were carrying metal dishes with food which people gifted to them. They are all short haired with an orange robe. In this post, I have only one photo of them but I will check for more photos in our collection.


After that, we visited one of the elephant parks where we for the first time had a chance to meet these beautiful animals, by the way, elephant is a symbol of Thailand they are sacred for them. We enjoyed in a day spent with this magnificent animals, we ride, feed and played with them and in the end, we watched an elephant show with their trainers. This was quite an experience for us :)

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After this fantastic day in Ayutthaya, our trip through the amazing land of Thailand only begins… you will be able to read  and see the rest of our incredible journey in upcoming posts… Till then, bye bye friends :)