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Tokyo, Japan 2007

Tokyo, Japan 2007


Once again my amazing job made me travel to distance Japan. I literally knew next to nothing about Japan except that they have many martial arts as I was playing karate myself when I was a kid so I liked that:) I went there with my dear friend and partner Gregor from Slovenia. We went from Belgrade to Zagreb, Croatia by car and then from there we took an airplane from Zagreb to Paris and then straight to Tokyo, This was many years ago so I don’t even remember how long the long flight was but it was something like 12-14 hours.  The conference was only for 3 days but when we already travelled that long we decided to stay for 10 days total. We visited entire Tokyo upside down and stayed in different parts of the city so we can travel easier.

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Tokyo has something like 12 million population with an extra 4 million of daily migration meaning people who only come to Tokyo for work.

IMG_2192 IMG_2210

Tokyo is part of 16 or 18 different cities, that’s how it was built. Please don’t get me for correct numbers as this is was many years ago so am writing how I remember :)

IMG_2228 IMG_2232

Tokyo is still the city which made the most impression on me to this day. I really enjoyed it every second. I visited many different temples ( Asakusa, Senso-Ji, Meiji Jingu) and enjoyed them. Also went to see famous Tokyo metro, Tokyo tower, Tokyo skytree, and museums like Samurai museum and Nezu museum. Of course, I went to unforgettable fish market and saw some crazy creatures there and tried real sushi :)

IMG_2245 IMG_2261

At the end I went for some endless shopping at Ginza.

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As I said this stays my top city ever and am just sorry it’s so far away and Marina and me are afraid flying, (yes we still are:) )…. Otherwise, this is a destination I MUST bring Marina very soon !